Remember my Allerton hunt?

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Y'all remember me talking about the Allerton deer hunt I got in on where they had just an unbelievable amount of deer in this park. Well they wrote some nice stuff. Here is a little clip of what they wrote.

An archery deer hunt was held on the south side of Allerton Park this fall.Over 1,000 applications were submitted for only 168 available permits.Twenty-four hunters were selected for each of seven weeks beginning October 30 and end-ing December 24.Each hunter was required to take an antlerless deer before taking an antlered deer.Hunter turnout was exceptional.Many of the hunters took vacation to spend time at Allerton. Some spent every hour of daylight in their tree stand coming down only to eat.
In addition to following all state hunting laws,hunters were
required to follow speci#64257;c Allerton rules that included placing their
names on all of their arrows,not using any #64258;agging or marking tape,
and not using any screws or nails on the trees they hunted from.The
way in which hunters conducted themselves in the Park was impressive.
Allerton hunters exhibited excellent archery skills resulting in a nearly perfect recovery rate.Many hunters left Allerton Park with meat that will be enjoyed by their friends and families.Others donated their deer to the Illinois Sportsman against Hunger program.Meat donated to this program will be processed and taken to local homeless shelters and food banks.

And I am proud to be one of them[:D][^]. Hope I get in next year.

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    damn, where was that publicized?....and "names on arrows". Talk about holding people accountable for their shots!!! wow!

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    I'm hopin to get in there next year and putting Suspensions name on my arrows[:D][:D]

    Better to be dead and cool than alive and uncool!!
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    That is nice. It's good some people still appreciate hunting. Your now one of the few, the proud, the Allerton Archers!!!!

    Our news tonight told of some kid taking a pet rabbit and guinne pig to his school for his cooking class. He killed them there then cooked them and now the school, the classmates parents, and even else is in an uprage over it. Sounded like the kid dramatized the slaughter process for his classmates though, plus a guinne pig? who the hell eats that? [:D]

    Go ahead taco, sign up, write my name on your arrows, give me a reason to come visit you all and take your spot in Allerton Park. [;)]

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