Bad week.....

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For those that aren't on that other board and because this one is more like family I just wanted to share my week with you. And because it still bothers me. I'll try to make it short. Wed. my wife took our daughter to the Dr. and at the same time she was leaving I had to take our dog to the vet. sucked cause I didn't know what to do, she had to tell me you take the dog I'll take her. So I take the dog to the vet. Dr./vet says its not good he wanted to keep him over night. Daughter got to come home with more asthma meds. Thurs. Vet calls, well to keep it short my dog died about 3 and he never really was certain why. He suggested kidneys then liver, when my brother in law picked him up (cause I couldn't) to bring him home to bury him The vet told him he thinks that he was kicked by a horse and ruptured something inside but he went down so fast he wasn't for sure what was going on. Then Thurs. night we took our daughter to the ER cause she was having troubles breathing. Even with her they have never really said what is going on. Asthma, RSV and croop have all been suggested but never actually diagnosed. She is much better today finally.
So much for keeping it short. sorry for rattling on. here is a pic of my boy a couple years ago...
God bless my boy...We miss him[V]


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    Sorry to hear about your dog, I had one die on me a few years ago and I never have gotten another. As far as your daughter, i'm sure she'll get better. Sometimes new meds have different affects on people. Tonight i'll raise my glass or beer and toast your fallen pal.

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    Kids are resiliant as hell. Have 3, all grown but went thru alot of tough stuff with them. All made it and turned out pretty well.

    Have 4 black labs burried in our yard and each was tough to get over. It passes but non too soon. My problem is I keep getting replacements! Dedcided to try a yellow last time and he is now 10. In good health but he's stil 10. Don't look forward to the day but try to remenber the years of enjoyment he brought the whole family.

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    Sorry to here about your loss Bang and I hope your girl gets better. Hopefully she grows out of her resp problems, most children do I know mind did. Hope next week is better for you!!
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    bang, I had the same problems when I was a kid. Let me tell you something, weather changes were hell on me!!!

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    Sorry to hear about your daughters health and your loss bang. Hope everything works out for you.
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    Sorry to hear about you losing your dog. I have a female yellow that currently has hip problems...not sure how long she will make it. Keep your head high friend and remember the good times ya'll had.
    As for your daughter, I have faith that she will be better soon.
    You and your family are in my prayers.

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