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I posted this a long time ago in the general forum and a lot of people thought I was full of it. Mainly because I was fairly new to the forum with a low number of posts, but besides all that has anyone ever heard of Marathon USA long distance telephone service?
I have my entire family using it, most of my friends use it, and a buncha people I work with have switched to it. Why? It's cheaper than any long distance service I've ever had! Why else, bang asks[:D]? Because Marathon USA lets you pick a pro-gun or pro-hunting organization to have a percentage of your bill donated to. This month my bill was $19.65 for my calls, Marathon donated $2.28 to the NRA for me. I used to have donations sent to Ted Nugents Kamp for kids, but changed to the NRA instead. So depending on how much your bill is Marathon donates a percentage to help various organizations. Check out their website and see for yourself. http://www.musa.com/Chapter1.asp?pageID=102
You'll have to call them to find out all the choices of places you can have donations sent to or they will mail you a packet, there are a lot of choices. Check them out, I haven't heard of anyone that didn't like them once they switched, if for no other reason for the simple fact that they are cheap.

I'm paying bills tonight, that's what brought this up. [:D]


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    Thas awesome Sus. Thanks for the heads up!

    Opinions are like azzholes, eveyone's got one, and this just happens to be mine!
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    I forgot all about this topic, clear back from 1/5 man those were the good ole days. [;)]
    Let me know if you want to know anything else, but their website explains it all pretty good.
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    i like it

    My old man's backhand used to land,
    Hard on the side of my head.
    I just learned to stay out of his way.
    There's been streetfights, blue lights,
    Long nights with the world sittin' on my chest:
    It just showed me how much I could take.
    Hard times, bad luck.
    Sometimes, life sucks.
    That's all right, I'm ok.
    It ain't nothin' but another day.
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