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Who missed a buck this year. Let's hear the excuse.

I missed a big guy myself. My excuse: It may have been a little to dark to throw an arrow. But, dammit...He was in my 20 yard 'hole', perfectly broadside. Shot right under the old boy. He was cool as a cucumber. Jumped once, stopped, didn't move. Looked around for about 30 seconds, then bolted like his a-hole was on fire.

That's one of my personal problems that I need to work on. I'm always a sucker for a deer that is close, and out in the open, even if he is disappearing when I look through my peep. I've begun to practice with both eyes open, in low light. This definitely helps, but next year, I'm going to hold my shooting to a higher standard.



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    Ben. I had very nearly the same experience this year. Shot under a buck muley in low light...could see him pretty well until I looked thru my peep.... I shot...he bolted through a line of trees, stopped, then came back to near the spot I had taken a shot only facing me head-on. Then he looked up at me (probably the deer equivalent of flipping me off) and moved away too fast to take another shot. When I recovered the arrow it had urine on it. So I have been taking comfort in the knowledge that I scared the piss out of him.[8D]

    I haven't seen this buck since opening day of firearm season...likely he was wounded by the neighbor boy (somewhere between shot #1 and #4) but was never recovered (according to the neighbor). Someone will probably find his carcass when we start spring tillage.
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    sounds like the boy needs a better role model

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    I'm kinda hoping that I can convince him to take up the bow and lay down the rifle...one of his hunting grounds is about 1/2 mile, well within range from my house, equipment, livestock, etc. making me a bit nervous about his shooting habits while "buck fevered". I really only get to talk with his father though not the kid so I'll likely just have to put up with the uncertainty.
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    Lemme see, I got busted by a yearling while drawing back on a nice buck. Only other time I had a shot I shot to high and hit meat, nuttin else. Then later that evening I saw him trying to mount a doe, that's just tough.

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    I missed, excuse = me. I didn't really see that many bucks this year for some reason. It was strange,

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    WELL I AN NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS POST AT ALL, BUT I'LL TELL!!!![:D] I shot one buck and got a shoulder hit and found no blood at all.[:(] I also missed a med buck that did a NBA spin move that would impress Michael Jordon and missed him. Then, YA I'M NOT [email protected]#$%#@ DONE YET[:(!], I had one at my blind that I shot over him shooting for 25 yards and later saw he was only about 18. Truthfully it was getting to dark and shouldn't have even took the shot!!!!!![B)] But had a great season seeing a TON of deer and can reach into the freezer and grab meat for quite awhile.

    Come on now I mean deer meat![:D][:D][:D]

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    No Buck here.I was a waitin fer that bigger buck with at least 18" rack but only weighing bout 75 pounds so I could have an easy drag.

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    I did not get a chance to go hunting this year. College just does not let me get away to much.

    Thanksgiving break, rained the whole time, plus the wind was blowing about 20 mph the whole time. I have yet to see a deer when the wind is blowing like that.

    Christmas break i worked. [V]
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    That stinks, I cant comment on this one, I didn't miss a buck I hit them both.[;)]

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    I have never missed a buck in my life of course I didnt get a shot at any this year. Im kicking my self in * for not shooting a little doe from the ground the first week of the season

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    I didnt see a Buck during archery, much less miss one. Had a few doe come by a few times, but I couldnt get a good shot.
    Shot a unicorn(one antlered spike) and a doe during rifle. I had an excellent archery season, in spite of not getting a deer.

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    I saw a few "decent" bucks but no wall-hangers this year. None of them came within range of my arrows. I filled an antlerless tag with a button buck this year. I thougth I was shooting a doe.
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