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My last weekend of bowhunting

bang250bang250 Member Posts: 8,021
Well this was the last weekend for bowhunting. Went south with tater and Enos. Not 30 min. after we got there we were sitting inside getting ready to go out for a hunt and at about 50yrds from the cabin 14 deer walked out of the woods into the front pasture this is at straight up noon. I have a couple pics I'll try to get up if I remember to get the chip at lunch. Anyway this is Friday afternoon, we head out get to the stand and the action was nuts. Of course now they are herded up but it seemed like there were deer everywhere. Not including the 14 mentioned above I saw another 23 from the stand. Tater said he saw better than 40 and Enos saw so many he wasnt sure of a number. I never got a shot off even tho I was drawn a couple different times. Turkey out the wazu too. FYI, never try to stop a turkey with a mouth cluck to get a shot it doesn't work, makes'em go faster. back to deer, Sat. morning only saw 7. Sat. evening I wanted to try a different area that had been a pretty busy area in the past, didn't see anything Sat. night or Sun morning.
Sat. the weather was outstanding. Nice cool morning with a good frost on, that brisk fresh air scent it was just awesome as was the rest the day. That evening the lite breeze we had died off, it was just outstanding hunting weather couldn't have ended any better...well I could have filled the 2 tags I had left but I guess I wont complain.
Oh and the bucks have shed antlers, Ask Enos about his "big doe". [:D]
Only 9 months to go now! [:D]


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