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Some nice deer pics from this morning

Hunter MagHunter Mag Member Posts: 6,612 ✭✭✭
It was a beautiful day for shed hunting and just watching mother nature at her best.

I saw quite a few deer and that made the morning just perfect.
I spooked up this pack of deer and just hid behind a tree watching/playing keep away with the deer for about 30 minutes as I gradually crept closer to get some pics. I saw 7 at first not knowing there were about 7-8 more still bedded just to the left. The deer knew I was there as you can tell from the pics but didn't feel threatened by me. I just watched and moved SLOWLY toward them. I took about 15 pics but these are the best. Had to rest the camera against the tree to get a steady shot. Using the zoom takes a steady hand and that's not my specialty in my old age.LOL
Plenty of sign,rubs ect but no sheds. Still well worth it.





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