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Talked a buddy of mine into trying turkey hunting this spring. He has hunted before but not within the last ten years. Friday we are driving so he can get his license. I took a guy last spring but couldn't get him on a bird, hopefully things will come together this spring...I enjoy passing the legacy onto guys that have never done it. Gonna try to get it on video so maybe post it eventually if we bag one. Season opens up the 21, keep ya'll posted...

Hope all is well,


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    I figured I should own up to it...last friday I saw and shot the biggest deer of my life. He was a huge 8 point, his g2s were around 10 inches. I tracked him 350 yards, ran into another hunter, tracked him another 1.5 MILES, never lost blood till the end and had to give up...due to the fact of federal property and the threat of being shot at. I could cry still today, the hunter said I hit him forward in the shoulder at the base of the neck[:(]. I was in a climber and had to lean out of my tree quite a ways and I think i just rushed the shot....lesson learned for the rest of my life. I haven't lost a buck in 3 years[:(]. Hopefully a gun hunter will put him down....He had me shaking out of my tree, I rattled him in at 3 pm. hours before dark...best experience ever!
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    Good job. The only thing that keeps this sport alive is taking new hunters into the woods and showing them the ropes

    Way to go and good luck on the birds.
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    Cool! Let us know how it goes.
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    Good luck Gun..[;)]
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    Guess he's takin the 12 gauge, and I'm takin the bow. He will either have cleanup duty or maybe we can get a double [;)]
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