One bird down

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Went hunting last friday morning. Got to where I wanted to hunt regardless of gobbling about 15 minutes before light. Setup the decoys and made a few calls at first light. I had a ton of birds sounding off to me from all directions. It got light around 6, saw the first bird around 6:45...5 of them came in(2 hens and 3 longbeards). The one was in fullstrut, problem was I was expecting them from my left and they came in at my 2 o clock. I had to wait for them to actually start to leave before I shot. The shot was about 45 yards, no problem with my 12 gauge full choke haha. I got the 2nd to best bird, he was semi-strut. Had a ten inch beard with 7/8" spurs and weighed about 22 lbs. I can email someone the pic if they can post it for me?


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