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Lyman Stainless Deerstalker quality and review

dannejdannej Member Posts: 478 ✭✭✭
I just bought a Deerstalker, new at a very reduced rate. When I got it the front sight was movable from side to side with lite finger pressure. The barrel was impossible to pin into the stock. The nipple appeared to be too long for the rifle as it came out very hard and the threads on the bottom were flattened as if it had been twisted against a hard surface. I called Lyman who referred me to independant contractor for warranty service who made no offer to pay shipping and would only deal with it if I sent it to them. It took about two hours of sanding and filing to get a proper fit of the barrel to the stock. I contacted Lyman to see if I could get the right nipple and a new front sight. No answer yet, but am confident they will reply as I contacted them before about locating a rifle and they were a little slow in reply.

My question is are there such things as seconds in the ML industry? Is that why the price was $420 instead of up to $700 elsewhere?

Anyone else have similar problems?


  • dannejdannej Member Posts: 478 ✭✭✭
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    I spoke to the company that sold the rifle and learned that the rifles are old and they often had these problems and that is why they were selling them cheap. So, they are not 'seconds'.
  • dannejdannej Member Posts: 478 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Heard from Lyman today and they are sending me a new nipple and front sight.

    Went to the range and started with TC Maxiball bullets. Shot an eight inch group at 25 yards. Had some sabots and fired an inch and a half group at 25 yards. Whew! The maxiballs kind of freaked me out thinking this rifle wouldn't shoot anything. Noticed the Maxiball slipped down the tube with very little effort.
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