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tc hawkins serial no

pabiggun300pabiggun300 Member Posts: 33
I , just bought a tc Hawkins , looks like brand new , cant find any info on serial no , to tell what year it was made , did a lot of research online , cant find anything , any ideas ? bye the way my first muzzle loader , cant wait to get to range , weather ever breaks


  • firstharmonicfirstharmonic Member Posts: 1,057 ✭✭✭
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    You can't find any hard data because there isn't any - TC's records were lost in a fire years ago. If the serial # starts with a "K", then the rifle was a kit gun. If it's just numbers it was factory assembled. Just a start on your search. Have fun with it. And the muzzleloader too, of course.
  • Okie743Okie743 Member Posts: 2,563 ✭✭✭✭
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    I hunt with T/C Hawkens rifles that I've converted to 209 primers using the 1/4 28 Mag spark adapters from this site.
    [email protected]

    I use Winchester triple 7 209 primers, 2F triple 7 powder at about 70-80 grains and 300 grain Hornady XTP/Mag bullets with matching black Hornady 6751 sabots, and a scope mount using the T/C 9953 scope adapter or the 9920 base with a weaver 408 base. these scope mounts are obsolete but can still be found. These bases use the two existing rear sight screw holes and one screw hole in the breech plug at the rear of the barrel. (The older T/C Hawken's won't have the rear hole at the breech plug screw hole but it's easily added because this is a solid steel and drills and taps easily by a gunsmith. I use both the 1:48 T/C barrel and a now obsolete LRH Green mountain 1:28 fast twist barrel. Iron sighter also made some now obsolete bases that use the same type mounting holes some of their mounts with see thru rings, a rear sight on their base and the hammer spur won't require bending with the see-thru rings. The T/C bases may require heating and bending the hammer spur for better access to the hammer for cocking. Also easily done by gunsmith. You can review such online search.
    Either barrel will have excellent CONSISTENT accuracy at 100 yards if not over 70-80 grains of 2F powder is used and velocity will be around 1800fps with the 300 grain bullet. I've never had a misfire with the 209's and all the 209 ignition is sealed inside the adapter, no blowback and the adapters have a lifetime warranty. Never had to use the warranty in 12 years of use. I paint the adapter cap blaze orange in case I drop it when reloading.
    I have other late model inline black powder guns but prefer the scoped 50 and 45 cal T/C Hawkens long barrels, reliable accuracy and ignition with the 209 adapters and triple 7 2F powder. I've used other powders but prefer the triple 7 powder because it stores and operates great when using the 209 ignition.
    Also have a 45 cal T/C barrel that has excellent accuracy with 40 cal saboted Hornady bullets and vel about 2000fps using 80g 2F.
    I use the T/C Hawken for hunting deer and target shooting.
    Harvester makes some sabots and bullets that also work great.
    T/C is no longer making the Hawken guns.
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