Uberti 1849 pocket conversion

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I recently purchased a Uberti 1860 army conversion in 38 special. It's been a load of fun. I have seen other conversions listed on GB, but not what I am looking for. I have seen conversion cylinders for the 1849 pocket pistol to convert to 32 S&W caliber. However, I would prefer to have a factory conversion similar to the revolver I have now. Have not seen one and Don't even know if Uberti makes one. Anybody know ????


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    So far, I don't think anybody makes one. I contacted Cimarron a couple of times in the interest of them having their Italian suppliers make the pocket Colt's in conversion in .32, and perhaps the 1862 police in a 5-shot .38 S&W. But there seems to have been no response. I personally think that cartridge-conversion small-frames would be good sellers.

    I did order an extra barrel for a Navy .38 conversion, cut it to 4 inches, and I use it without an ejector housing. It resembles an oversized Wells Fargo, but it's not the same thing.
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    Kirst made one. I have a 1849 pocket and conversion. 32S&W.
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    really like the old bp firearms in conversions to modern ammo ..like to see a colt root sidehammer and others done
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