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muzzleloader barrels

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Looking for Looking for
I already posted it in the want ads


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    See them T/C barrels on flea bay quite often.
    Place a saved search their and they will notify you by email when they list.
    I deer hunt and target shoot with T/C Hawkens I converted to 209 system and use the LRH fast twist Green Mountain barrels, scope sabots, and triple 7, 2F powder. I bought most of the barrels on closeout from GM for around $120 few years ago. The LRH barrels will also drop into the old 2 trigger Renegade actions. Also you can drop a 15/16 barrel into a 1 inch stock barrel channel with good results. (1/32 clearance on each side at wood)
    Some are raw bright stainless and some are blued.
    I was never a 45 cal BP fan until I bought a LRH 45 cal GM barrel to try and get more velocity using a lighter bullet than the 50 cals barrels preferred for good accuracy and vel not that much greater for good accuracy out of the 45 cal barrel and lighter bullets, but sure worked great on deer with the 40 cal, bulk pistol XTP hornady bullets and matching sabots. Also the High pressure Harvester sabots work great.
    The 209 mag spark is completely enclosed system for the Hawkens. I use the Winchester triple 7 209 primers and about 80 gr of 2F triple 7 powder with the Hornady sabots for deer hunting. Try to limit shots to less than 150 yards, typical 100 yards or less using a scope.

    I'm not into the 500 yard Black Powder shots you see the BS'er big boys doing on TV.[B)]

    I also found that the 1:48 T/C barrel had good accuracy shooting the same load I use for the 1:28 GM barrels.
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