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NEF, H&R Sidekick, Huntsman 7/8 breech Plug

foofoo Member Posts: 93 ✭✭
Metrics Unlimited has a replacement beech plug. This may have been posted before but thought I might share. I have a NEF Huntsman with the 7/8 breech plug that I bought on GB. I didn't know much about the gun when I bought it. When received the breech plug was mangled, no idea what they were trying to achieve but I knew I needed to replace it. I started finding out what other owners of this type gun already knew, that being the breech plug is of a poor design and required a separate primer holder. I also found a lot of info on a better replacement breech plug. Some info stated that they were discontinued and not cost effective to make. I also found info which stated that a place called metrics unlimited had them. Going to anything I could find about this company made no mention of a breech plug or even hinted toward products related to guns or muzzle loading. After hours of searching, I finally gave up and decided to call Metrics.... Well, they knew exactly what I wanted and I had my order placed within minutes. By the way, they are half the price of the only other company on the web I could find that had the 7/8 replacement breech plug.
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