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Pedersoli rifle ?

zinkzink Member Posts: 6,456 ✭✭✭
I just acquired a Pedersoli tiger striped maple stocked Rocky Mountain Rifle in .54 caliber. I traded a Tangfolio Pavona pink pistol and an old micro track Weaver scope (I had $398 tied up total) +$430 dollars for it. It came with a new/unopened bottle of Pyrodex Select RS (FFG) powder , an unopened box of Hornady Great plains 425 gr bullets, an in an unopened conversion to 209 primers and a suede case. THE CLERK SAID IT WAS HIS FATHERS AND HE HAD FIRED IT A COUPLE OF TIMES. When I inspected it with a bore scope it showed no signs of being fired (the lands and groves were still all browned and the chamber looked new), around the nipple was pristine and the anti seize could be seen all around the nipple. The muzzle was also like new.

I believe it has 1 in 66 twist so the bullets couldn't be stabilized. It looks like patch and ball for me. I am thinking a .530 ball with a .015 patch and a 100 grains of powder to start.

I need your input and all suggestions are appreciated with loads, cleaning, etc., I am not familiar with BP as it has been 30 years since I have dealt with it.


If any of you have balls you don't use I am up for trade![;)]


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    ken44-40ken44-40 Member Posts: 201 ✭✭✭
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    First off, take the bottle of Pyrex and dump it in your flower bed. IMNSHO it is only good for fertilizer.

    As to a load for it, a .530 rb and .015 bore butter lubed patch is a good combination for a next to new Pedersoli .54. After a sew thousand rounds, you'll probably go to a .535 ball and .015 patch. I'd start with 60 grains of ffg Olde Eynsford and work my way up to the optimum load. I have a Pedersoli Deluxe Tryon rifle in .54 that likes 60 grains ffg for target distances under 50 yards and 100 grains at distances over that. Hunting load is 85 grains ggf.
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    perry shooterperry shooter Member Posts: 17,390
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    I have a 54 cal Flintlock that I shoot 530 grain round ball in first load I tried was 100 grain FFF shot 3& 1/4 inch 5 shot group at 100 yards with Iron sight IVORY front Blade never saw a need to change 28 deer in 30 years I love it
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    BrookwoodBrookwood Member, Moderator Posts: 13,346 ******
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    I would disagree with the post about dumping your Pyrodex on the ground.

    It will shoot just fine in your percussion rifle. I prefer real black powder, but to waste your money by dumping it is for the rich guys!

    Use it up and then find yourself some 2F Goex or other brand of REAL black powder.

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    jerrywh818jerrywh818 Member Posts: 2,573 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Pyrodex will work in a percussion but I don't like it. there is nothing like Black powder in a muzzle loader.
    I have been building muzzle loaders for 60 years google Jerry Huddleston Engraver or gun maker for info. I just want you to know this isn't BS. Your gun will stabilize a bullet if you load it heavy enough providing the rifling is not over .010 deep and has a square bottom. 115 grains of ffg will stabilize a 450 grain buffalo bullet. but it is just as good or better to shoot round balls. As stated before 85 grains of ffg is a very good hunting load. with a 535rb and a .017 patch. 50 grains is good for target up to about 80 yds. From there on out I shoot 85 grs. 50 grains will make for easier loading and if you use a wet patch you can fire it all day without wiping it down. For target lube I use 50% liquid hand soap and 50% windex or 20/20 washer fluid with alcohol, for winter. A 85 grn load will make it harder to load because it will foul more.
    Even if you use pyrodex you must clean after using eveytime or you won't have a rifle very long.
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