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Federal B.O.R Lok MZ bullets?

Has anyone tried these muzzleloader bullets? This is a bullet from Federal that has a polymer band that stays on the bullet unlike a sabot that is discarded after firing. I ordered some and will try them, but wanted to see if anyone has used them and any opinions good or bad. I currently use Hornady Great Plains bullets (conicals) with great success, but supposedly these Federals will deliver 200 yard accuracy.

Thanks, Don


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    hadjiihadjii Member Posts: 976 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Yes, I shoot the B.O.R lock bullets in my Remington 700 Ultimate. Using 115 grains of Alliant Black MZ, I'm shooting moa at 100 yards, and terminal performance is outstanding as well. Last year I shot an 8 pt at a lasered 231 yards, and the deer never took a step. One of the best muzzleloader bullets available in my experience.
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