conerted tc thunder hawk black horn 209

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Am I correct in assuming you can not use black horn 209 in a converted tc thunder hawk. I converted one for a friend. He borrowed my optima that I shoot black horn in. I told him he is stuck with others, the breech plug looks too open. I am just too new to muzzleloading to know for sure.



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    You say the breech plug/bolt area looks to open?

    The way Black Powder manufacturers cover their behind is too recommend that SAFETY GLASSES ALWAYS BE WORN when using black powder guns.

    The Remington 700ML has the blow back through the bolt towards the shooter eye issue that Remington would not fully admit (commit). The owners manuals say to wear safety glasses mainly to protect their behind in case of eye injury. For the 700ML a full face shield like a welder helmet was actually needed.
    You can lube (spray) the bolt of the 700ML with WD40 and holding a piece of white paper behind the bolt at about 4 inches and fire the gun and the paper would be coated with oil and black carbon from blowback through the bolt towards the eye with a moderate charge of like 80 grains of black powder or black powder equivalent and with #11 caps and with 209's the blowback would increase. After this happened to me I went re-searching and found several articles of such about the 700ML and contacted Rem and they would not commit.

    Blowback towards the shooter eyes are a good reason to go to the sealed breech type Black Powder ign system and wear safety glasses.

    I would do this test with the T Hawk, but always were safety glasses to protect the eyes.

    I now only hunt with Black Powder rifles that have a completely enclosed ign system.

    Summary: Protect the eyes!
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    Blackhorn is recommended for closed breech muzzleloaders ignited by 209 primer. I believe the Thunderhawk is a closed breech. Look at the Blackhorn website, lots of info there.
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