loading english 23 guage

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trying to load a english percussion 23 guage double.bore is about a .590.i can get 24 guage wads but are .589 which are too small.can i put a cleaning cloth around the .589 wads to tighten it up or does someone sell 23 guage wads about .600.


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    don't know why you couldn't use a patch, I used to just use a wonder wad, thick cotton circle over powder and over the shot, never used a cup wad. as long as it fits tight enough it doesn't move forward when tilted down or after a shot you should be fine. as per someone selling the right size ones, don't know
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    or, like I do to make 14 ga. wads out of 12 ga., make a wad cutter and cut down 20 ga. wads.
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    thanks guys,i think as long as the load doesnt come loose after first shot i could almost use any wad i can make.
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    I'd think if you keep the over shot wad tight, you'd be good.
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    What you suggest should work. Bear in mind that you do not need a precut wad in a muzzle loader - you can use wadded-up newspaper tamped down tight for both the over-powder and over-shot wads. The old timers favored wasp nest wadding, so I have read.
    You might try compressing the 24 ga. wad in a vise to enlarge the diameter. It may stay compressed, don't know.
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