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"3-D" Cowboy .44 Mag Ammo

MichibayMichibay Member Posts: 816 ✭✭
About five years ago I purchased brand new .44 mag cowboy ammo by a company by the name of "3-D". The stuff was GREAT!!! They were 240 grainers flat-nose lead that had a velocity of 1000 fps. Even though they were called "cowboy-loads" on the box...these were fairly fiesty rounds. In fact very close to a .41 mag! Needless to say I love them and would buy them today if I could find them...but I believe this company may be out of business. Does anyone know anything about them or if a similiar round can be purchased by another company. Years ago Remington manufactured a "reduced-load" for the .44 mag...not called cowboy ammo at the time. These are very much needed...they provide much more power than a .44 Special...and yet they are still quite comfortable to shoot compared to the high-velocity .44 mags available today. Would appreciate any input out-there...many thanks!!!


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