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don coledon cole Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
hello gentlemen and adies i am looking for more easy on the pocket books long guns either flint lock or percussion i am a traditional hunter and a black powder renactor and trying to find they for inexpensive prices is very hard for me if anyone knows any web sights or even people selling them please let me know


  • Spider7115Spider7115 Member, Moderator Posts: 29,703 ******
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    You can check out Dixie Gun Works or Cabela's for various products and price ranges but you'll probably get your best deal right here on
  • BlckhrnBlckhrn Member Posts: 5,136
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    If you're just getting started I'd recommend a TC, used but with a bore that the seller describes as very good +.

    In the 80's, Thompson went to a coil mainspring that, IMO is inferior to the traditional flat mainspring, however, should you get one of these they will stand behind it. I have a friend with one which failed and they replaced the parts quickly.

    Best advice here, as in other sites is to shop around. ML's don't have the following that breech loaders and automatics do so expect less competition. I have seen some deals in the penny auctions. Bear in mind, if a synthetic stock won't bother you, that TC sells such rifles through Walmart at times and pretty cheap. Even cheaper when deer season is over.

    EDIT: I didn't fully read your post at first. You say you are a reenactor and flint vs. perc. can be an issue here. I recently saw a .58 cal Civil War replica under $300 at a gun shop in NY. Not the best quality but would look period with some help.

    What are you looking for?
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