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1860 Pietta

huskyendurohuskyenduro Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
Hey Guys,

Newbi here, Need help determining the safe range of powder loads for my new Pietta 44 caliber 1860 Steel frame(bought from Cabelas). The manual that came with it states 12-15 of FFFG. The manual appears to be generic, I can not beleive that it only can handle 15. Does anyone have one of these, if so how much do you shoot? I have purchased American Pioneer FFFG powder,remington #10 caps and .454 round balls(per Pietta manual). Does Pietta have a USA number that can be called with questions like this?

Prelubed wads - confused.... Do I load powder then wad then ball then lube??? or do I load powder, ball, wad then lube. Does the wad eliminate the need for the lube.

Thanks in advance for helping me out...


  • surbat6surbat6 Member Posts: 485 ✭✭✭
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    IIRC, the average powder charge for an 1860 is about 28 grains of FFFg, a .451 or .454 ball (if the edge of the chamber shaves off a fine ring of lead when the ball is rammed home, the size is good), and a #10 or #11 cap (the cap should seat completely, but be snug on the nipple). If you wish, a pre-lubed wad (preferably with dry lube) can go between the ball and powder. Make sure there's room to seat the ball at least flush with the front of the cylinder or the balls will hang up on the breech end of the barrel.
    I always use grease over the ball to fill the chamber, simply because it keeps the fouling soft a little longer. If the ball and cap are sized right for the revolver, there's no danger of flashover and the resultant multiple discharge, AKA "chainfire".
    Hope this helps.
  • amsptcdsamsptcds Member Posts: 679
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    I always use 30 grains with 1860s and 1858s.
  • huskyendurohuskyenduro Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
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    Thanks for the responses...

    Shot 42 rounds yesterday. Started @ 30 grains @ the 7 yard range. Shot 2" resting shot group that was 1 inch left and 1 inch low. Moved to 15 yard range shot 5 inch left and 5 inch low. Increased powder to 35 grains not much help. The 35 yard range was not even attempted. Although I would like to shot comfortably at 35. Question - How much drop should I expect from 7 yards to 15 then 35??? Would you notch out the rear hammer to adjust for shooting left or would you adjust your shot??? I would like to hunt deer eventually with this gun... Please give me your thoughts on grain loads and effect on ball performance at varius ranges...

  • mazo kidmazo kid Member Posts: 648 ✭✭✭✭
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    It seems that I remember reading that American Pioneer powder is about 10% hotter than black. I have a bottle of it, just never get around to using it as I shoot black nearly all the time. Emery
  • knightriderknightrider Member Posts: 450 ✭✭✭
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    A note to the wise. DON'T USE OVER 30 GRAINS!!!! I have read many books and the highest that most will shoot is 30, however they also state not to use 30 grains all the time. This is espicaly true with any Colts. They are not as strong as the Remmingtons or Rugers which I still would not use 30 grains all the time. Hope this helps.
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