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Need help ID'ing this pistol please.

fowledoutfowledout Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
Need a little help with ID'ing this handgun.
This gun was my great grandfathers and I can't find anything about it anywhere.

This gun was sold to a old family friend about 40 years ago.
I tracked it down with the help of my family and friends.

It is or appears to be made of nickle it is a 6 shooter with a 4" to 5" round threaded barrel.

It has ST.Etienne engraved under the cylinder and it's hard to read but I think is says Mre d Arms ?

It has matching sieral numbers on the cylinder and frame and cylinder retaining rod. H 78**3 it has stag grips, the gun is broken down completely but all the parts are here .

How do I find a break down on how to put this gun back together ?

Rolled up in the barrel their was a paper that says,
thicknes of hand .13o"
cylinder throat .450
Bll Gr. dia. .4533
chamber 472

If any of you could offer up any help I would be greatful.
How old do you think the gun is ?
Is their much value to it besides sentimental ?
I wil try to post a picture ASAP !
Thank you .
Happy thanksgiving to everyone.


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