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Just purchased a muzzleloader with the above stamp on the barrel. I believe Bown and Tetley out of Pittsburgh made these. Long octogan barrel, 38-40 caliber, half stock, double triggers, in real nice condition, ramrod gone. Something like 1848-1862. Looks something like a plains rifle/Hawken type thing, which would lead me to believe an earlier date closer to 1848. Anybody know anything about these rifles?



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    Dear: purchaser of Bown & tetley muzzleloader, what you are discribing was made between 1848 & 1862 Bown & Tetley was in bisnis at that time then the ownership changed and James Bown was the only owner . By 1883 the compant became James Bown & son. Later that year Brown & Hirth bought the company. Then in 1889 W.S Brown, Pitsburg became the owner. A.K.A Enterprise Gunworks. I also own a 40. cal. muzzleloader made by James Bown & son / Enterprise gunworks, has a stamp of a buck on the barrel with KILL BUCK stamped between the antlers. To justafy the actual u can do what i did and that is to take the gun apart thking the breech plug off the back of the barrel by unthreading the two pieces, ( HAVE A GUN SMITH DO THAT FOR U,I DO NOT RECAMEND DOOING IT YOUR SELF IF NOT FAMILURE WITH DOOING SO INJURY UR DEATH CAN ACCURE FIREING THAT AGE OF RIFLE ECT.)Ram a 45. cal. led ball down the barel. I used a 3/8" hard wood dowell. By using dial indacator measure the slug should be a slight loos measurement. should measure somthing like- .380 - 38. cal.)(.400- 40. cal.)(.410-41. cal.) ect. good luck. For further Questions Email me @ [email protected]
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