Ruger Vaquero Trigger Job (UPDATE ON QUESTION)

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How hard is it to replace a reduced-power hammer spring and how do I do it?

My dad has a Ruger Vaquero and he is getting into wild west competition shooting. I tried to talk him out of it but, he wants a trigger job for his vaquero. My first question is can he get a trigger job for his weapon and he asked me to ask you the pro's and con's of a trigger job.

Thank You
ETA:I just spoke to him. He was confused about what a trigger job does. He wants to make the hammer not as heavy to pull back. This makes more sense to me. I looked at Wolf Springs reduced power hammer springs, is that what he is looking for?


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    Yes, this will help, some. Losts of practice will help also.

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    Other parts to a trigger job includes some polishing of the mating surfaces. One has to be careful and maintain the angle of the sear.
    Wolf also offers some trigger and bolt springs that will make trigger control a little smoother.
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    Steve, what I do to change the Ruger mainspring is take the grips off, cock the hammer and put a small drift pin in the hole on the strut.
    I am assuming you are doing this to the older model, not the new little ones.
    Pull the strut to the side and wiggle while pulling down.
    Place the strut in a vice with the retainer up. Use a fork to slide onto the retainer, helps to have a friend handy, push the spring down with the fork and have the friend remove the drift/punch. Then slowly relieve the spring. Reverse for installation.

    Do NOT put your face over the strut while doing this. Just in case.

    If you are replacing with the Wolf spring kit then you can remove the trigger spring legs from the pins, push out the pin holding the spring and remove while you have the main spring off. You don't have to disassemble anything else. Just make sure the front of the spring is seated in the trigger properly when installing the new one.

    The little spring will be for the base pin catch. I do use them as Rugers have a history for base pins jumping out at the worst time possible with the stock one.

    This spring kit is about what most people are looking for without getting into a full blown action job. Not everyone can appreciate or take advantage of one that has been gone through.

    The same can be said for the titanium firing pins and the spring kit that we install with it in the Marlins.

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