t/c encore barrel dimensions

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I got my standard encore 209x50 barrel clean, for sure. Then I ran a Nosler saboted bullet down from the muzzle, without the breechplug installed. Stopped it short of the breech. Then I pushed it back out slowly. It was harder to push the last six inches or so, than it was the rest of the length. How common is this? It seems abnormal to me.


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    I can't give you any info based on research but if you are pushing it from the rear you will be putting presure on the sabbot which will expand it, just as a charge will. Which is what you want to happen when you fire the gun, as that will cause the Sabbot to engage the rifling of the barrel causing your bullet to spin.
    Also I, and my hunting buddies have all had the same experiance and we all have either different models or manufacturers of our rifles
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    OK, I'll buy that for now. Or, it can do double duty as a shotgun if it already has some choke.....
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