Colt Dragoon loading levers

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I am thinking about buying a Colt Dragoon replica, but I am concerned about reports that the loading lever unlatches and falls down during recoil. Is there any remedy for this problem? How did they deal with it when it meant life and death? Thanks you for any help.


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    I've used a thin rawhide lace with a bead on it. It works pretty good. Another problem I have with one of mine is the loading lever latch working its way out.
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    The Walker model is the one with the reputation for unlatching the loading lever with stiff loads. Its lever is held against the barrel with a friction latch (sort-of). I haven't had this problem with my Walker, though, since I've only fired it thus far with approximately 40 grain loads. Recently. I got a 60 grain charger for my flask and will shoot with the heavier charge this spring.
    The dragoon models were redesigned to include a positive latch at the muzzle end. I've never had this problem with a dragoon.
    The thong sounds like a good field fix, should the problem arise, as it has with Amsptcds.
    Varmint, at the risk of being redundant (this has been mentioned in other threads), I'd recommend you buy the best quality repro you can afford. There can be a HUGE difference in fit, finish and materials between a good quality C&B revolver and a cheapie. Uberti (my first choice) and Pietta probably make the best ones available.
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    over at the High Road, some guy talked about how he fixed the Walker problem by doing something to the loading latch that's near the fulcrum. He claims it works well.
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