What to buy??

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Looking to buy a in-line muzzle loader and wondering what everybody shoots. Looking at TC or Knight... Thanks in advance...


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    I'm going with the Encore 209x50 but I already have the frame etc. This is an expensive option unless the Encore can do double duty elsewhere.

    Make sure both in-line muzzleloader and sabot projectiles are legal in your state. I can help with Colorado but all bets are off elsewhere.
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    I have the T/C double diamond in 50 cal and have been very happy with it. one reason I got it was it has interchanable breach plugs, so i can use it if hunting where 209's aren't legal. I am also concidering buying an T/C Omega. also if you want more info on them many of the hunting mag's do articals on them, Outdoor life did one on the Omega a couple months ago. But check your states hunting regs for what is legal, and what if any magnification is legal if you use a scope
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    quote:Originally posted by elkoholic

    Make sure both in-line muzzleloader and sabot projectiles are legal in your state. I can help with Colorado but all bets are off elsewhere.
    We are good with both issues here in Iowa... Been wondering if the TC pro hunter is worth the money.. The new 1/4 turn release breech plug worth the extra money?
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    If the use of Smokeless powder is legal in your state, the Savage Muzzleloader is awesome & so easy to live with.

    Can't imagine how the Pro Hunter Could be worth the money.
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    For in-line muzzle loaders the T/C Omega 50 cannot be beat if you're asking me. For a shooter in all kind of conditions it is tops. Mine is SS and camo and I love it except that it doesn't LOOK like a gun!
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    ive hand a tc encore since they were introduced some yrs ago. and i will not complain i have put some of the new improvements that are now standard on the new prohunter.

    prohunters are about 100 bucks more than the Encore.
    I also have a 12ga,22-250&204 ruger barrels, when im not using it as a muzzle loader it is a great p-dog slayer. and it has taken a few yotes and a fox or two. Also went turkey hunting one yr that was a BLAST.
    I had looked to buy a knight but for the same money at the time i could buy an encore and have the ability to use it as a centerfire in any caliber i want. for about 350bucks if I don't get carried away with the optics.
    the pro hunter has the ability to fire the 416 rigby if you african safari any and want to shoot a 416 rigby it is a standard caliber for the prohunter. there are a few barrel makers out there that will make it for the encore. but i'd call the guys at bullberry barrel works and have them tell you the horor stories about going bigger than 375hh mag in the encore.
    the prohunter is to the Encore as the Encore was to the Contender. bigger beefier and alot more money.
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    I shoot a nickel/black CVA Optima. I got it when they first came out. They can be had now for around 250+/-. 3-9x40 Nikon scope is new and haven't sighted it in yet, my old 3-9x40 would give me less than 2" groups at 100yds shooting Hornady's 300gr SST with 100gr Pyrodex RS. With the new scope and newly aquried rest I might be able to achieve MOA.

    CVA's new Kodiak looks like a promising rifle, kind of like their answer to TC's Omega, as the Optima Elite is their answer to the Omega.
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    Buy American, Knight, T/C. Do not buy anything made in Spain; CVA, Remington,Traditions. They are crap and if you read anything Randy Wakeman has said their barrels are not proofed to American standards.

    I have a Knight Reolution II and it is one fine rifle, my neighbor has the T/C Encore (not Pro Hunter, too much money), it is a fine rifle. Both are scoped and baoth have shot deer at yardage in excess of 150.

    The key is range practice4 and work up a load of Triple 777 POWDER, not pellets that is good for the gun and target.
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