CVA Colonial Caplock Pistol

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I am looking at buying a CVA Colonial caplock pistol in .45 caliber. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.


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    Depending on the price probably not a bad deal. I certainly wouldn't pay more than $100 for it.

    I hope you realize that the term, "Colonial," means a flintlock and not a percussion.

    Beyond that, and depending on the DOM, CVA is more toward the bottom of the pile, at least where traditional guns are concerned.

    I have a Jukar "Kentucky" pistol, made in Spain (as are most traditional CVA MLs) that will hit center in a 3 inch circle at 30-50 feet and has the fastest ignition of any flintlock I ever fired. Paid about $90 shipped for it and no regrets.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have a 45 cal. Target model and I'm very happy with it's function and accuracy. I think it cleans up well and a whole lot of fun to shoot. I shoot 35 grain of pirodex p and a 180 grain R.E.A.L. bullet for hunting Good luck and have some fun .
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