Charles Daly....New "Lightning" Model

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There's been a lot of talk around camp about a new Charles Daly revolver in .44 and .357 for cowboy action shooting with "Birds Beak Handle" called the "Lightning" model. Also, a new Bisley model is supposed to be out. I've searched the Charles Daly website but nothing is on there yet. Anyone got any information on this? [:)][:)]



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    40, the correct term is Birds Head. The original Lightning model was a double action, therefore it would not be a legal SASS pistol if it is reproduced that way.
    The Birds Head grip was for the smaller calibers. 40 cal and above had what they called a Thunderer grip. It had a hump at the web between your thumb and index finger to help with recoil.
    If Charles Daly makes them in 44 and 357 then they made a big mistake as to selling to cowboy shooters. The 357 and 45 are by far the most commonly used calibers. 44's are in a minority and most would not change over for the one gun as the rifles they already use would match their present pistol calibers.
    I shot 44's in my pistols and 45's in my rifle when I started and the wife shot 45's. We both shoot 45's now because it makes life easier and I would never buy another 44 for that reason.
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    It's my understanding that the Charles Daly line is made by Pietta, same company that makes the Great Western II.

    The GW II is imported by EMF, you might want to check them out.

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    "It's my understanding that the Charles Daly line is made by Pietta, same company that makes the Great Western II. "

    R.D. is correct. Pietta makes both and they are by far the best SAA clones out of the box despite their low price. As a matter of fact they are better then the Colts themselves which have had their cowboy models overated and overpriced in comparison to the Pietta offering.

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    if you go to Cimarronguns&ammo.com they have pictures of their offering, THUNDERER & LIGHTING both in single action, thunderer up to
    45 long colt, lighting up to 41 colt, nice looking i had to run all
    over town to find one, don't think they are for me just doesn't feel right.
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