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2nd Generation Colt Single Acton Army

snakeinthegrass1snakeinthegrass1 Member Posts: 7 ✭✭
I have an opportunity to purchase a 2nd Generation Single Action Army Colt that is new in the box, unfired, unturned. Barrel length is 4 3/4", blued finish, hard rubber grips. The box is not a stagecoach box but is has a brown cover with a gold foam insert for the Colt. It is serial numbered to 1974 which I believe, was the end of the 2nd Generation era. The SA appears at the end of the serial number. The individual is asking $1900 for the gun. Would this be a fair price? I would be purchasing it for collector/investment opportunity and would most likely keep it for a number of years.

Appreciate any comments on the above. Thanks.


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