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Load work-up

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I have a Model 1894 Winchester in 38-55.
Bore dia. is .3795". Shoots factory jacketed loads/bullets with decent accuracy.
Am trying to find a cast bullet load that will group well.
Largest cast bullet that will chamber is .379", and groups are in the 5-6" range. Best load so far is 16 gr. of 2400. But I think that this load is too stout for the .379" bullets. Am not wanting to use GC bullets.
Was wondering if the following would be a safe load.
Use a .381" bullet, dropped in the chamber, Use a shortened cartridge case with a card over the powder. Am thinking SR4759 as a powder for this load.


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    I have had very good results with 375Win brass and .380 245gr LaserCast bullets...Reloader 7, I4895 and I3031 in both of my 94 lever guns..The 375 brass is just the right length for the 94. I have been chronographing the loads and would be more than happy to share the data...Just send me an e-mail. 1.5 - 2.5" groups at 100 are normal after a bit of practice..
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