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Hawken .50 cal.

georgiahardhuntergeorgiahardhunter Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
I inheireted a Hawken .50 cal, the only markings on the barrel is Sile & made in Italy. I admittedly know nothing of black powder guns. Now for the dumb questions who is the manufacter and how would I go about getting an owners mannual for this gun? The only other detail I know about the gun is that it was bought new in the late 70's


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    OdawgpOdawgp Member Posts: 5,380 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    I know that Sile was a distributor- not a maker- of a number of imported arms.

    hard to say who the acctual manufacture was, more discription of the gun may help.
    like what type of sights?
    what is the ramrod made of wood/steel ect?
    Double or single triggers?
    is it a flint lock or percussion cap?
    does it have a patch box in the side of the stock?

    in the 60's many manufatures started to make HAWKEN stile rifles Thompson Center, Lyman, CVA and many european makers as well

    look for funny marks letters stamped into to it anywhere you can Serial number may also help.
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