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Trouble loading sabot conicals.

MrNickMrNick Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
I just got my first in line (traditions thunderbolt .50 cal). When I tried to load a sabot with conical (hornaday .50 cal 45-300 GR SST'ML) it stuck in the muzzle. I had to use pliars to remove it. I tried lubing the sabot and this time (with considerable force) I got it about 8" down the muzzle. I had to remove the breech plug and use a brass rod and hammer to drive it out. I am used to shooting patched round balls in my traditionsal muzzleloader. What am I doing wrong?


  • HandgunHTR52HandgunHTR52 Member Posts: 2,735
    edited November -1
    The Hornady SST sabots are designed for high-pressure (read 150 grain charges) shooting. They are a little oversized for that reason, so as to give a better seal. Your muzzleloader bore is probably a little undersized for those sabots. My suggestion to you if you want to shoot the SST type bullets is to go with the T/C Shockwave with the Super-glide sabots. If they do not work, then a .44 Caliber 240 grain Hornady XTP pistol bullet and the Hornady green sabots should do the trick. Any .429" bullet will fit in those sabots.
  • rgergergerge Member Posts: 183 ✭✭✭
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    I'd read the owner's manual, i.e.suggested projectiles.
  • anderskandersk Member Posts: 3,825
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    Yes, read what your manufacturer says ... sounds like you are trying to force in something that is too big.
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