Knight Muzzeloader Question

I have a Knight Muzzeloader that I won't to trade in but I don't know the specific type of gun it is just that it is the one that has the bolt action that holds the disc. But anyway I'm wondering what the gun is actually worth If anyone could help I would appreciate it Thanks.


  • allen griggsallen griggs Member Posts: 32,920 ✭✭✭
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    Knight has a wide variety of muzzleloaders.
    I have never owned one but I bet the identifying marks are inscribed in the metal. Look on the barrel and receiver and see what marks or words you can find and post that.
    Also we need to know what kind of shape the gun is in.
    Does it have a scope? What kind?

    Detailed close up photos are most useful.
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    knight never really puts on the gun what grade of a disc gun it is. the person just has to remember from when they bought it. they made a bunch of different grades of the disc gun, ranging in value from 250.00$ to 900.00$. the best way is to tell is to look at the serial# and also the bolt and the stock. is the stock plain composite or camo composite or laminated? is the bolt a checkered finish or a plain finish? and is it stainless or blued?[:)]
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