Shiloh sharps

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Going to order me my 1st Shiloh Sharps. What should I order and what options should I include.


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    I would suggest you call the Shiloh company in montana and talk to one of their customer reps...be prepared to wait a long time for your gun...but hold on to your hat when it finally arrives! They are one of the most beautifully fitted guns I have ever seen...I was lucky enough to get one about ten years ago in 45/70 and I was soo impressed that it became my favorite and I have over 200 really nice specimens in my collection (I was lucky enough to open my own gun shop in 1986) and boy what a way to start a really fine collection. Good luck with your endeavor and you will never regret getting a Shiloh no matter what model you choose!
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    Well, you could go to
    and click on "Choosing your rifle"

    I am a BPCR silhouette and midrange target shooter, so I'd get a #1 Sporter .40-65 and have them substitute tang and globe sights for the buckhorn and blade. I would ask for a round barrel if it did not drag out the delivery time too long, but I realize I am in the minority there.
    The standard grade guns are very handsome and I see no need to pay for wood or finish upgrades. But if you want something nice, the fancy wood, high wood finish, polished barrel, and bone charcoal case hardening are gorgeous.

    Hunting or long range target shooting, the requirements change.

    If you are not a proficient black powder handloader, you would be better off with a .45-70 which has more factory ammo and loading data than all the others put together.
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