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I would like everyones opinion on who carries the best replica single actions and winchester 73 and 92. How about EMF Cimiron Uberti Navy Arms Taylor and any others. Does anybody have any of the EMF Hartford series gun and how do you like them


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    I have an Uberti black powder that I love, also i have a navy arms Henry in .44-40 that is just a pleasure to shoot. I bought most of my repro guns in the 80's so I wouldn't know about the newer brands. I have a few Pietta's, they are a little "funny" after you fire a few rounds, but you get what you pay for...no?
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    Back in the 90's when I was shooting SASS I had a Rossi Mod. 92 .357/.38 carbine that was a tack driver and smooth as silk, but only after having it smoothed out by a good gunsmith. I also had a American Arms (Uberti) Mod. 73 .45 LC Rifle that I shot long range pistol caliber with. It was fantastic right out of the box.
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    I'm convinced Uberti makes the finest black powder revolvers you can buy. I've gotten them from Cabella's and Taylors. 'Fit and finish'
    are what Uberti is all about; Superior bluing, high-polish wood, etc.
    I've also gotten Pietta's from Cabella's--they're less expensive but there's less attention paid to those finer things mentioned above.
    Like the man said: You get what you pay for.
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    I have a Taylor & Co. 92 T\D. Love the look & finish. Accuracy is very good, action is very smooth. It does not like black powder cartridges though. After about 6 shots they will hang up on the carrier & not slide into the chamber. The takedown part is great because it will fit in the saddlebag of my H-D when I want to ride to a shoot.
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    If you want to be sure, absolutely sure that you are getting the best Uberti reproduction:
    ----Colt 1873 SAA (a.k.a. the Model P), or
    ----Winchester Model 1873,
    then you should buy either from Taylor's or Cimarron.

    There is simply no difference in quality, workmanship, etc. of the Uberti-made guns furnished by Taylor's vs. Cimarron.

    Understand this, however: Taylor's or Cimarron may have a purchase agreement with Uberti to furnish them guns in the white so that they can apply some premium finish to them and promote them (at a higher price) as the gun to have, rightly saying that these guns are of a higher quality.

    Additionally, once the distributors have taken delivery of the guns in house, they may take some of them and perform "action jobs" and additional fine tune-up work on them in the way of replacing springs or parts, or modifying the parts to make the gun perform better for a CAS shooter. They may also engrave the gun and then market the gun as a special model offered only by them.....which is true.

    Also, either Taylor's or Cimarron, as distributors, may or will have made some special agreement with Uberti to furnish only them, and not their competitors, with guns having:
    ---that distributor's name stamped into the barrel or elsewhere
    ---non-factory-standard barrel length
    ---non-factory-standard (for a particular model) barrel style,
    ---non-standard sights,
    ---non-standard, but stil a factory finish for a certain model
    ---certain other, special markings on the guns

    So, yeah, there is a difference, of sorts, between Taylor's and Cimarron. But, it has nothing really to do with the quality of manufacture of the basic Uberti guns.

    Cimarron or Taylor's are the only two distributors I would buy from, cost be darned. My experience with certain other distributors has given me reason to not trust them because of the merchandise that they furnish, the truthfullness, misleading or vague quality of their statements, their arrogant, cavalier attitude and their poor treatment of me as a customer.

    Now, as far as the variously-manufactured Winchester Model 1892 reproduction rifles, I have seen, too many of them experience problems of one kind or the other for me to ever consider using one in competition. However, that's my opinion. I know the '92 reproductions sell for less than the '73s.

    Look at it this way: I believe that after some 15 or 20 years, SASS/CASS shooters have put more rounds through Uberti reproduction Colt Model 1873 SAA revolvers and Winchester Model 1873 rifles/carbines in total than were ever put through the original guns. If that is not true, then certainly the specific reproduction Uberti guns used by the typical, regular SASS/CAS shooter/participant HAS had more rounds cycled through each of the two SAAs and the Model '73 than ANY original gun (unless the original Colts or the Winchester is being used by a CAS shooter, and many are). I don't recall seeing any malfunctions of any significance in either the reproduction Colt SAA or the Win '73 that was due to problems built into the gun by Uberti. You will see problems created after the revolvers or the rifle has been purchased, due to some half-assed gunsmith trying to slick it up.
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    I have a Cimmaron 1873 SRC in .45LC.I would recommend it to anyone seeking such a gun.

    If you are looking at price regarding .45LC pistolas you might try EAA.I bought a pair of 4 3/4 bbl Bounty Hunter models and they are fine weapons.They also come with lifetime gaurantee...
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    I forgot to say,I got the pair for 600 clams
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