Hornady Great Plains bullet?

Does anyone use the Hornady Great Plains conicals? The reason I ask, I picked up a couple boxes at Dicks (on sale for $7.97 a box). I went to the range with the new Lyman 209 and these bullets were grouping very tight. The only thing is they are tight getting started. After about the first 3 or 4 inches down the bore, they slide on down, but very tight at first. The other conical (Maxiballs) were not as tight. I was just wondering if this is normal for this bullet. I'll probably keep using them because they group so good. I like the design of the bullet.


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    I use the Hornady conicals exclusively in my T/C Hawken. It loves them. They are a pain to start in the barrel (especially if it is a little dirty), but they shoot great. One of the things that I did was take a short starter that my dad made way back when, and I cut it down to about 2-1/2". It works great at starting them.
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    I agree with HandgunHntr, the Hornady Great Plains bullets shoot great in my old Lyman Plains Rifle, but are hard to start near the muzzle. They will just barely break the shoulder on an elk, so look for lung shots on big animals.
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    That is not a problem that an all lead conical is tight for the first three inches. The bullet is engraving to the rifling.
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    i use the HGPB in my TC .50 cal. flint lock with 75grs 3fff, and it is very tight to start. i ust a small hammer and give it a good whack to start it. not as accurate as a round ball but darn near and has a lot more power.
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    for accuracy and easy of loading, consider cleaning between every shot with one patch soaked in alcohol followed by one dry patch - quick and effective. I can only get off 3 shots with black powder in my lyman great planes befor I must clean anyway.
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