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Finally Getting My 10ML-II, need advice

MatchshotMatchshot Member Posts: 452 ✭✭✭
What is the best combo or bullet and sabots for this gun when shooting smokeless? How about for Pyrodex as well? I want to work up several loads for this gun and try them out. Anything else I need to know? Winchester 209's as primers, are they the best to use?

I should have the rifle next week, I can't wait!


  • mwd571mwd571 Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
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  • allen griggsallen griggs Member Posts: 34,330 ✭✭✭✭
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    I have a Savage.
    I like the Winchester 209 shotgun primers.
    I use one of the classic loads, 43 grains of VihtaVouri N110 and the 250 SST using the supplied sabot.
    Trust me it will kill a deer.

    Another favorite load is the Hornady 300 XTP and 42 grains of N110, or 43 grains of AA 5744. I'm not sure which sabot they are using for the 300 XTP, if the supplied sabot doesn't work well then contact MMP and they will set you up with the correct sabot, MMP is very knowledgable about the Savage.

    Many, many deer have been killed with the Savage and the 250 SST and 250 XTP. But, the Savage pushes these bullets so fast, that at close range some guys have had these bullets blow up on a shoulder shot on a big deer, and the deer got away.
    I made a shoulder shot on a 150 pound buck and he dropped in his tracks, and the bullet exited, using the 250SST. I would take a shoulder shot in a minute one a deer this size.
    But, if I got a shot at a 250 pound deer no way I would take the shoulder shot, but there is no doubt of a quick kill with the lung shot with the little 250 SST.
    You won't have this problem with the 300XTP. Also lots of guys use the Barnes copper bullets, they won't blow up at Savage speeds. Barnes are too expensive for me.

    Do not use Remington primers.

    Good luck the Savage is a great rifle.
    I killed that 8 pointer last December and still have not cleaned the rifle.
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