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1851 navy replica

rgergergerge Member Posts: 183 ✭✭✭
OK, no pictures of this but..........I bought a brass framed, '51 navy square back with no loading lever, no back strap, no grips. $35, fixed it all up, unfired sharp lookin weapon. Here's the question: no makers mark, no proofs of any kind, the only thing stamped on the gun is "17" on the frame, barrel and cylinder. VERY well made,better than my Uberti '51, has anyone seen or own something similar and what do you know about it. Super accurate @ 50 yards with .375 RB. Thanks boys! Happy forth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • rgergergerge Member Posts: 183 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    just bought an 1851 navy revolver replica in .44 caliber. This will be my first venture into the black powder realm and of course, the gun didn't come with any kind of paperwork. So, what I need to know is what kind of powder, caps, balls, etc. I will need? I see lead balls in .451, .454, .457, etc. are these all ok to shoot? I have seen may different powders and so on. also do I need patches, grease or both? any info would be helpful, thanks!
  • leeblackmanleeblackman Member Posts: 5,683
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    I've got a Colt repro I never pulled out of the box. One of these day's I'ma try to pickup a repro 1860 Army.

    Anyway, sounds like a good buy, check out numrich gunparts for the stuff your missing.
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