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Thompson Omega Z5 versus X7?

tcleartclear Member Posts: 132 ✭✭✭
Can anyone help me with the difference between the omega z5 and the other models. There are a couple of guys on here selling z5's, which I thought were just the cheaper, blued and black only, version of the omega, but here have camoed thumbhole stocks and stainless barrels. The z5 seems to be less expensive, but why?

I am not against saving a buck, but want to make sure that nothing major is compromised by buying the Z5 versus another omega or even an encore (though I have no need for other barrels).
Thanks in advance,


  • hillbillehillbille Member Posts: 13,119 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    this is just a guess, but on the persuit and the persuit LT the main difference besides $100, was the barrell one was 24" versus 26" and the end of the 26" was fluted.
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