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Uberti & Dance Brothers Replica Revolvers

bprevolverbprevolver Member Posts: 153 ✭✭✭
I would like to buy replicas of the Confederate J.H. Dance Revolver in .36cal. These were made by Uberti in the mid 1980's. These were made in only two models. The first was a Commemorative set in walnut display case with all accessories including a leather covered flask. Each gun was issued with a Certificate of Authenticity. The revolver has a gold inlaid star on opposite sides of the Cylinder. These guns will have an AR prefix in the serial number. Without the accessories or certificate they have no collector value but I am interested in locating these as well.

After the production of the Commemorative, a "Shooter's" model was issued. These have no engraving or other markings except SMLS-Inc-Angleton-Texas on top of barrel and Uberti markings on left side of frame. Serial numbers start with 0001.

Both issues of these revolvers came in a Western Arms/Uberti box. I would like to purchase one of these.

Pietta made a .36cal Dance revolver in 1996. These were issued by the newly formed Dance Firearms Co. of Angleton, Texas. These may or may not have Dance Firearms Co. on the barrel. Pietta also made a .44cal. Dance revolver with a rebated cylinder which will bear only the Pietta markings. I am interested I purchasing these as well. I am not interested in the current Pietta's with the straight cylinder and 8" barrel as these are available new an are not accurate replicas of the original Dance revolver in .44cal. They are produced on a 1851 Navy frame with the straight shortened cylinder and 8" barrel. The original .44cal. Dance revolver is closer to the Dragoon than the 1851 Navy.
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