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Well, I promised a report on the first firing of the new Muzzle Loader that I built . Here it is.

-In line ignition, musket cap
-barrel length 9"
-based on CZ24 kit, modified barrel (chamber cut off, breech plug and nipple installed), bolt(firing pin nub ground off, new sear welded to bolt to shoorten bolt fall), trigger (old sear removed, new simplified trigger to engage new welded sear constructed), magazine (shortened, may be used to carry powder, balls and patches in future)

When I purchased this kit , I really didn't know what to do with it. The parts were just cheap(I think I paid $70)and neat . It layed around for about 6 (maybe more) years and I got the bug to give it a try. You may have noticed my previous mysterious questions for a 30 cal ball and patch. I followed given advice and went to Track of the Wolf and got some .283 balls and prelubed patches. They fit just right. Then my shooting bud and I went to the range to check the thing out.

We hit a few snags getting the shots off. For one the nipple is shrouded pretty much by the receiver tube (which is a new tube)so it's difficult to place a cap on the nipple. Besides it was cold and the fingers were numb. Solved that by using a needle nose to put the cap on - musket caps , unlike other caps have little bent out fringe ears we could grip with the needle nose. Also there was a bit of front to back barrel play . You can see the barrel mounting with a nut into the front of the gun . This was not solved and caused a few misfires during the range time. I later discovered - after time at the range-that I had put an extra washer under the nut and the nut couldn't bear on the barrel correctly. We now have a tight barrel- no movement whatsoever and that should improve accuracy.

Loads were tried beginning with 10 gr. After one shot I went to 20gr and we put about six loads downrange. Very little recoil and fairly quiet. Then , because the cold was getting to me , I went to 30gr. So here we were at the historical load -30/30. This has a bit of recoil and more noise. I'll probably shoot all three loads at one time or another. I just need to get back to the range to check accuracy again.

Cleanup is a snap. The barrel pops out , quick rinse and oil -done.The removable stock also helped groups, but shivering in the cold didn't. All modifications are permanent and these parts can't be used for anything but the muzzle loading gun that they are now configured for. I'll post pictures later.


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    I don't quite understand what you mean by historical load of 30-30. If you are referring to the 30-30 Winchester load, that was designating a smokeless powder loading of 30 caliber and 30 grains of smokeless powder whereas under the old blackpowder system that would have meant 30 caliber with 30 grains of blackpowder. Quite a lot of difference in the two loadings with respect to power, recoil and noise. Touching off a 30-30 Win. in a handgun with a 9" barrel would be more than a handful.
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    Mea culpa, I thought the second 30 was for BP.

    30 grains of smokeless is pretty energetic, whereas 30 grains of BP follows the rule of a starting load equal to the caliber, i.e. 45cal, 45 grains; 50 cal , 50 grains etc. An ancient rule of thumb.

    One other old rule of thumb thatI heard :"4gr BP =1gr smokeless"
    So a 45/70 in terms of smokeless is really (in the old load for old rifles) a 45/17.5 seems pretty light.

    I'll keep that 30 grain load as my max anyway.

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    starting load equal to the caliber, i.e. 45cal, 45 grains; 50 cal , 50 grains etc

    This is true from everything that I have read. Your project does sound like an extreme amount of fun. Good Luck.
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    Here's the promised pics. Read the story to get the explanation.
    Note the welded sear on the bolt.Weight is a bit heavy (I'd say ~6Lbs). The bluing is a one coat quick liquid cold blue that must be 30 years or more old.
    That's me shooting the thing.
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