Powder Horns PIC Heavy

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The talk of 4F powder and horns got me thinking. Not wanting to hijack the thread.... here they are.

This is not a set of three. The medium sized one is the original along with the smaller priming horn. it had seen better days and I had to put him into retirement. He was proudly worn by Tecumseh in his death scene in the Frontier series on The History Channel.

Here he is by himself.
The new set. These were made for me by a dear camping buddy.

They called me Johnboy Walnut when I was younger. That is a cross-cut of a walnut hull. The original horn set is 25 years old.

Small priming horn made by a friend in Ky.

Various other horns I have. The one I tried doing some scratching on. Doubt it will show up, camera phone.

And last but not least, the most important horn a guy can have.


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    Very nice! [:)]

    I should take a photo of my Dad's. It's a family heirloom. Not pretty. But it is an old war relic. Stopper was lost years ago unfortunately but it's the real deal. As a kid it seemed nothing special as it was just in the house. Thank God I never played with it
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