CVA .45 cal. single-shot pistol?

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I have a CVA, 45 cal. Derringer, about 4" barrel. I ball gauged the bore at .454. It was a kit that I built many years ago and have never shot it.
Three questions.
What dia. Ball?
Does this pistol require a patch for the ball
What weight powder charge?


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    Hey taper,

    All rifled barrel black powder guns are intended to use a patch with a round ball. You can shoot with out them, but it will not be accurate. Heck, when guys use to use um in battle, they toss a handful of rock, glass or whatever else they could find when they ran out of ammo.

    To answer your question about charging it, just buy standard CVA .45 cal round balls and patches. And I think I remember the recommended charge for the one I had was 28 grains of BP or Pdx. Should shoot fine.

    I will say, don't expect much. The one I had was not real accurate. Like 4-6" groups a 25 yards was the best I could manage. But it shoots.

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    I have a similar CVA kit I built in '83, the Colonial Pistol. The barrell is a little longer than the Derringer, maybe 1-1/2". I use a .432 Hornady round ball with a T/C pre-lubed patch. I load around 40 grains of Pyrodex. It's fairly accurate to around 10 yards or so, and it sure is fun to shoot.
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