anyone willing to donate side lock for video?

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A Knight inline rifle with a bad barrel was given to me, Having no use for such I decided make a video for the hunter ed class. SO we started loading all the known "You will blow that rifle up for sure with that" loads. Strapped to down and remote trigger. Video rolling we proceeded to blow up the rifle. Except it never did blow up. We did the Red dot and dbl. charge, the bullet half way the bore. "Please do not read this and think you can do this with your rifle and hunt" But we loaded 450 grains of FFFF black and 2 saboted bullets, It made the nipple come loose and that was it. The test stopping load was 110 grains of 3031, (460 wea mag uses 107 grains) and to light it off 19 grains of bulls eye. We loaded a sabot ed bullet and fired. Finally the nipple flew out and we could not find it. The shocking part was the rifle was not damaged, Plug needed to be cleaned out for a new nipple, but it was not harmed at all.
For those who might want to try such, I warn you this is not safe with out major equipment. I have a full protected bunker area and remote trigger system. There is no possible way to injure a person or property. Very high end measuring equipment was used to check for pressure as well as the personal protection. I would say the rifle was a true fluke, I would not be in range of any new rifle with such loadings. I have seen center fire rifles blow up with less.
Smokeless powder and not intended firearms can kill, I want to share the test with the hunter Ed classes. For the young wanting to use wrong powder to save cleaning or make the rifle go faster, watching one blow might save some kids life.

Would send a dvd to the person for the donation.

thanks, for reading.


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    Very interesting experiment.
    Astonishing that the Knight barrel didn't blow with that much smokeless.

    At what institution are you an inmate?
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    Reminds me of an old Turner Kirkland experiment.
    He fitted both ends of a barrel with breach plugs.
    Loaded the contraption with BP (don't recall how much).
    Strapped the barrel to a tire ,lit a fuse in the flash hole, then ran for cover.
    After the Big Bang , the barrel was unharmed and old Turner declared he couldn't beleive all that pressure was vented through the flash hole. But it was.
    Modern steel is truly Good Stuff.
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    quote:Originally posted by allen griggs

    At what institution are you an inmate?

    None. They don't let inmates play with the guns here. And no way would I want any kids taking a hunter's ed. class taught by an inmate.
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