Black Powder Desire

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I would like to get into black powder shooting but know nothing about it. I have been researching guns some and like the idea of the TC Encore with being able to change from muzzleloader to centerfire. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, ideas or reccomendations. Thank you for your thoughts.


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    Couple questions to start with ...

    #1 and 2: Are you hunting? or just shooting?

    If you are hunting, you better check the regs in your state. Yes the TC Encore is a totally cool gun, but for the very reason you mention: "able to change from muzzleloader to centerfire" it may not be legal for hunting in your area.

    #3: How primitive do you want to go?

    Black powder is a tinkerers sport. You have to like to mess around with stuff. And the more primitive you go the more tinkering! [:p]

    I got into it six years ago. And I started with an in-line. It is a T/C Omega 50 in Stainless Steel and camo stock. It is a great shooting gun, and I love to hunt with it. But it just doesn't look like a gun!

    So then I got a Hawken percussion cap gun ... now there is a nice shooter and she looks like a gun!

    If you really want to go crazy then getting a flintlock is the way to go. The real primitive folks say, "If it ain't got a rock in the lock, then it ain't a gun!"

    To each his own ... but it is a lot of fun! Have a blast ... a smoky one!

    Oh yes that is another subject. Today there are several Black Powder substitutes that work just fine ... plenty of bang & smoke, a little less stink, but they are a lot easier to clean up.

    Myself, I like to shoot, hunt and tinker ... but cleaning up is a bit of a hassle! So that is why I use Hodgdon Triple 7 most of the time.
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    Get a Lyman Great Plains Rifle in .54 - puts 230gr balls into a tenis ball size group at 100 yds with iron sites, 10 shots. Take awhile though.
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    Speaking of caliber ... I was going to say stick with the .50 caliber guns ... plenty of stuff out there for the .50 cal guns!
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    There are several Hawken on the auction block right now. In fact I put in a few bids on one that I thought would be a great BP gun for you. When I started bidding it was around $150 and minutes to go, but it went up to just over $200 and I let her go.
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