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Replica Percussion Revolver Markings Wanted

bprevolverbprevolver Member Posts: 153 ✭✭✭
Want to Buy cap & ball revolvers with the following markings.

1. American Arms
2. American Heritage
3. American Import
4. Armoury
5. California Arms
6. Classic Arms
7. Federal Import Export (Not F.I.E.- Firearms Import Export)
8. Freedom Arms
9. Galesi
10. S.E.Laszio
11. I.A.G.
12. Intercontinental Arms, Inc.
13. J. L. Galef
14. Liberty Arms Organization
15. Markwell
16. Mars Equipment Co.
17. Modern Muzzle Loading, Inc.
18. Muzzle Loaders Inc.
19. Potomac Arms
20. Shore
21. Smokepole Musket
22. Ultra-High Products
23. Valor
24. Valor Imports Corporation
25. Witloe Precision Inc.
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