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Can anyone tell me why some black powder revolver sellers say "NO SALES TO CALIFORNIA"?, I even saw one selling from CA.

I just bought a C&B revolver from out of state and it shipped to my house without a FFL.

What's up


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    They just don't like CA's attitude.
    Seriously , some people have stricter interpretations of CA's goofy gun laws and thus bow out of the game. Mostly based on simply avoiding the hassle.
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    I agree with Stan.
    As far as I know it is legal to ship a cap and ball revolver to California.

    To see for sure, go to cabelas.com, blackpowder pistol department.

    They have a list of states that restrict these guns, New Jersey being a prime example. As I recall California is not on cabelas list.
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    Thanks for your input guys,

    I'm new to black powder and part of the attraction was it would be eaiser to purchase guns here in CA.
    Now I find that even with the relaxed laws I'm still screwed.
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    I think Stan's first line does have some truth; in some cases, it is a protest, however misguided it may be, against California. I really resent this attitude. How about some of the gun laws in Mass., Illinois, and NJ? Most sellers will sell to people in those states.
    I also think it shows a general ignorance about Calif DOJ O-O-S firearms transfer procedures and blackpowder gun sales rules.

    California is a big part of this country, and I think these sellers who refuse to sell blackpowder guns to California residents are losing potential sales.

    And most sellers will not respond to a message informing them that it is easy to legally sell a blackpowder gun to a California resident, w/ no FFL required.

    You'd think they'd *want* to sell guns to Californians; kinda like *stickin' it to the man* (the Calif govt)...
  • D.DelozierD.Delozier Member Posts: 22 ✭✭
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    I agree with firescout,I always state in my auctions will ship to CA just to stick it to the anti's that have a choke hold on the poor folks that live there.
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