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I have a 1858 pietti remmie in 44. with the way the threats are nowdays about new gun laws, I figured it may be a good idea to get a conversion cylinder as most of the anti gunners have left black powder guns alone for the most part, rant over, back to my question are they any good as far as accuracy ease of use, also is it very difficult to reload the brass, I have reloaded some shotgun shells, and am slightly familiar. bottom line are they worth it?


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    what do you guy know about cartridge konverters
    switch black powder guns into modern centerfire
    44. to 45lc.
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    Most def worth it, especially in 58 Remingtons. Mine is very accurate. Besides a regular bullet, I also load a round ball in 45 Colt cartridges, works great in conversions.
    One warning, stay away from R&D Gunshop cylinders for Colt type percussion revolvers. I bought one and sent it to them for fitting, they had it for months, then sent the gun back. The conversion cylinder still didn't work and they screwed it up so the C&B cylinder won't work either, so now I have a paper weight.
    Kirst definetly makes the best conversion cylinders.
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    Hey hillbillie,

    The Kid is steering you right. And his idea of loading round ball loads for it is great. Most replica cap and balls are intended to shoot round balls. The barrel twist, depending on the maker is usually the same as or close to the original. So they will shoot best with a low velocity round ball or light conical load anyway.

    And if you can load shot shells...you can load handgun rounds. You just have to be dang careful with conversions and all guns for that matter, not to load powders, bullet weights and bullet alloys that produce pressures higher than the safety factor of the gun you're shooting them in. Not to mention the wear and tear on the frame. But that's OK, because most replicas won't shoot hot loads very accurately anyway.

    Like the Kid said, if you can find a reliable conversion for your gun...go for it. It actually makes shooting some of the replicas a lot more fun.
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    I have a R&D conversion in my 1858 Remington,this was fitted by a gunsmith and action worked on.This gun is as smooth working as can be .Accurate.Guess it's who does the work.It is a Pietta [better] 1858 with the silver plated trigger guard.Never had one this smooth .When i bought it the work was already done.It's a keeper for me[:)]
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    thanks guys, guess this will be my next purchase.
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    I would opt for a permanent conversion over a drop-in, for sake of practicality- having to remove the entire cylinder to reload a drop-in is kind of self-defeating, because at that point, you could carry multiple BP cap/ball loaded cylinders, and just change them out when reload time comes.

    don't jump too quick because Midway and Cabela's will soon have "gated conversions" that bolt to your frame and convert it to cartridge really slick like- and the drop ins will collect dust and be devalued

    but I'd keep one C/B Remington around, just to defeat the future gun laws that may occur, like a possible drastic "no cartridge handguns allowed" law- with a B/P you could still defend yourself legally, and quite effectively, esp with a 58 Rem- reason: already they are looking at converted guns, and if yours uses a "readily available cartridge" and was converted from C/B, they treat it as a modern handgun for carry/purchase laws

    research it out first- in my home state of Pa. you can buy/sell a CB with out FFL, and even mail it, but here we need the same concealed carry permit for C/B as with a modern centerfire gun- and we can't ship a Colt C/B that's been converted to 38 SPL-44 Colt-45 LC, unless it goes to an FFL

    so they are looking at it
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    Just thought I'd put in my two cents worth. I bought an R and D conversion for my Ruger Old Army and couldn't be happier. It dropped right in no fitting what-so-ever and loaded with 200 gr. Oregon Lazer cast bullets and Trailboss powder it may be the most accurate revolver I own.
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