Colt Address on Non-Colt Percussion Revolvers

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Over the years I have observed many non-Colt replica percussion revolvers that have the Colt Address on top of the barrel. I have collected a few stories about these and would like to hear from anyone who has an idea on the history of these markings. Armi San Marco seems to be the most common manufacturer that I have observed with the Colt Address on top of barrel the same as authentic Colt revolvers.


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    I too have seen the Colt address on imported Italian Colt Style pistols.
    My information was that when Colt was selling the Signature series Black Powder guns, they were made in Italy originally. The proof marks on the guns was not a feature that Colt was happy with.
    Colt then went to Parts made in Italy and assembled in the USA. Italian proof laws required that cylinders and bbls must be proofed.( even if assembled in another country)
    Colt didn't want any foriegn proof marks on the guns and cancelled the order.
    The Italian gun suppliers were left with lots of the Colt contracted parts on hand. It's my understanding these were sold off to different makers that were assembling Colt Style BP revolvers and many have since made their way to the USA>
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    Chuck, I don't believe your information is correct.

    Sig Series Colts were made between 1996 and 2002 by by Colt Blackpowder Arms Co. in Brooklyn, NY. Unfinished parts and assemblies made by US and Italian manufacturers were used to make the Sig Series guns.

    The Second Generation Colt BP were made between 1971 and 1982 by Colt's Manufacturing Company, Inc. in Hartford (1971-1977) and NJ (1978-1982). Unfinished parts and assemblies made by US and Italian manufacturers were used to make the 2nd Gen guns.

    Neither series of guns were made in Italy.

    2nd Generation and Sig Series history is documented in 'Percussion Colt Revolvers - The Second Generation' by Dennis Russell; and 'Black Powder Revolvers - Reproductions and Replicas' by Dennis Adler
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