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Trouble with Marlin Company 45/70

kwb74501kwb74501 Member Posts: 5 ✭✭
I waited two months to get the Marlin 1895 45/70 Cowboy after ordering it. Finally got could not wait to shoot it. Put 4 rounds in it and it jams up on the first one (factory ammo). Decided to give it another try and ended up digging out 3 more rounds by hand just to get them out of the gun. After getting a few scratches on it and becoming VERY disappointed I went home. Called Marlin and they told me to package it up and send it to them at my expense. After calling back several times until someone agreed to pay the shipping on this Brand new gun I mailed it off to them with great hopes. That was two months ago. I called them and was informed my brand new gun was just one of many,many new ones in for repair and I would have to wait my turn. Now I'm pushing 4 months wait time logged total. Is this the quality we get now days even after spending so much money and going out of our way to by a USA made gun? Now on their behalf I will say I had the exact same mechanical failer on a brand new Henry big 44 engraved deluxe, BUT they had a shipping label overnighted to my house, with the box to ship it. I DID NOT HAVE TO WAIT MORE THAN TWO WEEKS BEFORE THEY CALLED AND TOLD ME THEY WERE SENDING ME A BRAND NEW HENRY DELUXE TO MAKE UP FOR MY TROUBLE. They built a brand new Deluxe and put my serial # on it and it put my other one to SHAME, it's stock looked like marble. That's customer service. Marlin will have to do some serious butt kissing or I will never buy a new marlin again. I like marlin I have 6 marlin rifles but I believe they may be the last I ever own. Sorry to put you through all my venting. Ken


  • 44caliberkid44caliberkid Member Posts: 925 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    For all the talk people do on here as far as what guns are better made or more reliable, the truth is, you can get a bad one or an unusually good one, from anybody. I have never gotten good customer service from any of the major companies, and I worked for a dealer and we sent back a lot of stock. One of my best experiances was with Charter Arms, back around 1980.
    I get to handle and shoot a lot of different guns, and the ones I've found to be 100% right out of the box are few and far between. I fired a Ruger New Model vaquero at the range the other day that was flawless. Super smooth action, and fired a group at 50 feet you could cover with a quarter. That's the first one in years.
    It seems all the major companies are back logged on repairs/ replacement as they try to find more economical (cheeper) ways to do things. One run of turkeys can put them months behind, which is why we've found it simpler to fix what we can in house. The customer gets his gun back in days instead of weeks or months. Although, sometimes we have to wait forever for parts, if the manufacturer is using all his stock to fix their own guns.
    I'm glad you had a good experiance with Henry. We've found their .22 lever guns to be very good for the money and they obviously want to keep their customers happy.
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